This time we bring you our playlist with the weekly releases one day early so you can spend time with your family this holiday season.

This week was especially marked by the release of new albums by DJ Overule and War Force, EPs by André Hommen and Mike Cervello, and tracks by Giolì (Feat. Assia) and Chris Schweizer.

In addition you will find many more fresh songs in our playlist.
Among them are tracks such as “Eventually” by Calundé and Nobinh, “Heat It Up” by Dirtcaps & E-Life, “Time” by Swanky Tunes & Going Deeper, and “Disconnected VIP” by Pegboard Nerds (feat. Desirée Dawson).

This week also saw the release of “Burn It Down” from Firebeatz, Proto Bytez‘s new EP called “Sleep Paralysis”, “Oxygen” from Tommy Trash (feat. Daisy Guttridge), the Genix remix of the track “Choosing His Angels”, among many more songs.

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