Laidback Luke claims that he has been “kicked out” of this year’s DJ Mag Top 100, this are some serious claims. But here is what we know.

It all started back toward the end of July, where the dutch DJ & Producer Laidback Luke decided to upload a VLOG (Video Log) about “DJ TOP 100… I’m not a fan”. In the video Laidback Luke explains the story behind DJ Mag’s annual poll, proceeding to explain the shift from jury to public votes in 1997, and later a shift from DJ skills to the being a popular and production contest. In the video Laidback Luke also explains how DJ Mag makes money, advertising and how some DJs may pay bots or “hackers” to get in (Watch the video).

Yesterday LaidBack Luke commented with Kura through instagram that he would be happy to produce a track with him, but to keep in mind that he was kicked out of the DJ Mag Top 100. Many people reacted to this, saying that he was not voted in due to the video, but Laidback Luke disagree saying he was in fact kicked out.

Latter Laiback Luke took to twitter to explain his side, which you can see the various tweets embeds below – Keep in mind that there are various other tweets that you can read, and this only tells one side of the story, LaidBack Luke. There is no denying that the Top 100 does not show a true picture of the industry or talent.

But we would like to know your opinion, tell us what you think!

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