Mr. Harris it’s time to pay on promises!

In 2012 Calvin Harris promised ,after a bet, that he would remix Spice Girls classic “2 become 1” if marriage equality was legalized in Australia.

The Artist completely forgot his promise, however, after the Australian House of Representatives voted in favour of same sex marriage, Filip Odzak, reminded Calvin of his promise.

Odzak took it to twitter after the legislation went through and mentioned the bet and him being very excited to hear the track. He wasn’t the only one showing excitement, Spice Girl’s , Emma Bunton told The Sun “Let’s spice up Calvin Harris! It would be fab for Calvin to remix ’2 Become 1,’”

It is still uncertain that Calvin Harris will go through with his promise however, Odzak shows hope and excitement to hear from the Scottish Superstar. Meanwhile listen to the original track below, it will surely remind some of you of your younger days.

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