In September 2014, the producer Monstercat presented us an artist named Puppet, who presented his first song with the name “Scribble“. However, this song did not prove to be a success, and no one predicted that Puppet would ever start releasing anything new.

Despite the little success of the song, the artist became a great name within the label that had released it, and in electro house style. Still, Puppet was not content with his success, since he did not identify with the style in which he was “placed”, and preferred to try other styles as well. That’s how it came out the EP “Soft Spoken“, which featured several songs and a mix of styles.

Since the release of this EP, the artist has always tried to innovate, trying simultaneously to keep himself an artist in progression. Over time we realized that his style of choice would be punk rock, something very different from his initial style.

Puppet recently released his new EP “Life Overseas“, three years after its debut in the world of music. This EP counts as Puppet as lead singer in most of the songs, and finally shows his punk soul in its splendor. This EP promises to delight the listeners, since we can hear the artist in his purest and genuine “form”. Life Overseas is available for stream on Spotify.

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