Eats Everything is doing it right on the last day of 2017, here is how!

The musician/DJ Eats Everything is giving his final show of the year a special reason to be attend, beside the fact he is treating London to a six-hour set to recap 2017. The underground tastemaker from Bristol has announced that he is donating his entire booking fee of New Year’s Eve to Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, a organization which works together with the dance music industry to create awareness through fundraising events for children in need.

Despite the non announcement of where the event is going to take place, there is an idea of a more intimate venue for the true music lovers and for a group of special guests. Edible Records, which is the event partner, is attempting to raise £30,000 (nearly 35,000€) as part of #HaveADrinkOnUS, an initiative to help provide clean water to the countries around the world. Those that can’t make it to London this year event can go to this site and to those who want to go you can buy the tickets.

Written By: Pedro Neves 

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