That’s right, an Oporto pair composed by Gustavo Pereira and Pedro Filipe Rodrigues celebrate 14 years of existence this Saturday, December 16, a party available at Gare Porto with free admission.

It was 14 years ago that Freshkitos began. It all started after meeting each other at the mythical Oporto Official Afterhours, a cross of experience and vision of music, a partnership of brilliant minds that are a perfect symbiosis. On the side both maintains their solo acts, Gustavo Pereira as Gusta-vo and Pedro Filipe Rodrigues as Amulador.

Inherently linked to the musical rejuvenation of Invicta – Oporto’s nickname -, they know the city of Oporto tunes, passing through the most prestigious clubs, and a presence in every single edition of Neopop Festival to date.

The space chosen for the celebration is Gare Porto. It’s a special place for the duo because of the close link with this club, starting right at the inauguration party. What a boost this duo has given to the club, making it a reference in today musical panorama of the city of Oporto and a reference around world. All of this while building a strong foundation for their careers, today regarded as one of the best duos from Portugal.

After giving so much color to Madeira Street, Saturday with your presence, it will surely be another memorable day. Remember to turn up early, entry is free, but space is limited.

Written by: Daniel Sousa

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