CODE / FABRIK (Madrid) is associated with Pacha Ofir to provide a unique experience in Lusitanian lands and promises the best national and international artists in a party of more than 20 hours.

As usual, Pacha Ofir always appears as an option for the passage of years for those who want to celebrate the event in the middle of a dance floor. On the other side is a house that is well known to the Portuguese, Fabrik has long been a reference for lovers of electronic music, with the usual CODE parties going to the 127 edition, always presenting luxury lineups, with the presence of the most acclaimed worldwide techno scene artists.

This time, the Pacha Ofir organization is preparing for something unheard of, as it will reduce the Ofir-Madrid distance that is more than 600km, to a track, and the alignment begins to be unraveled, the main area (Main Room) will count on the presence of Cristian Varela, Spartaque, Uner, Fernanda Martins, The YellowHeads – TYH, Cesar Almena (code / fabrik) and Nuke (code / fabrik). The event will also be marked with performances by the Portuguese Maurel & Fauvrelle, Miss Sheila, Miguel Rendeiro and Soundprofile, among others.

This mega party will feature 6 tracks, with numerous attractions, live concerts, by Jimmy P and Piruka, in addition to the international and national DJs referred to above.

If you are still undecided on how to celebrate the New Year, here is a suggestion with the guarantee of good music, tickets already available here.


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