Sónar is a festival that takes place in Barcelona who is celebrating 25 years of existence by sending music to outer space!
In 2018, Sónar takes place June 14 to 16.

Artists like Nina Kraviz, Laurent Garnier, The Black Madonna and Fatima Al Qadiri are contributing composed pieces of music that will be transmitted to a planet 12.4 light-years from earth called GJ 237b as part of the festival’s birthday. It’s the first time communication has been attempted with a potentially habitable exoplanet. Also, Sónar is looking for at least three members of the public to contribute as well

One transmission has already been made to GJ 237b from the European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association in Norway and another is scheduled in April.

Sónar chose GJ 237b, because of the potential of receiving a transmission back in 25 years.

You can listen to the pieces of music artists sent here.

Watch a video on the project below:

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