The Brunch Electronik: In The Park – Lisbon is first and foremost a “Park” where both younger and older are welcome.

The event consists of 12 Sundays of day parties, distributed during the month of July, August, September and October, in the heart of the magnification and hot, Portuguese capital. Festivities start at 2:00 p.m. and ends at 10:00 p.m., followed by an after-party, from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., in one of the best establishments in the city: The Ministerium Club.

I am not gonna lie, with such a rich Summer festival calendar in Portugal, it was impossible to attend all the events, but with a little search, I managed to find a “Bruncher” who participated in all twelve events!

Christophe Dos Santos

Christophe Dos Santos

Meet Christophe, 25 years old, graduated in fine arts, plastic artist and resident in Lisbon for over a 1 year.

After asking some questions like: “What were your favorite artists? What did you think of the after-party’s? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the organization?”

Here are his thoughts about the event:

“My favorite brunch was #9 without a shadow of a doubt, with fantastic performances from Michael Mayer and Rex The Dog!” The atmosphere was incredible and set them to a depth and energy out of the ordinary. was of similar quality. It was my top 1 of this season without a doubt.
Next month’s logo Brunch #5 with the duo Miss Kittin and Oxia. The two show complicity and got to the public. I can tell you that the atmosphere was electrifying!
Third, with # 10 brunch with Paul Ritch with #3 brunch with Dave Clark. A little better uniform so event # 10 because the line-up was simply mind-boggling: Paul Ritch, Radio Slave, Dense& Pika and Mvria.
I have to leave a special mention to the Portuguese Ari Girao who knew how to stand out in the middle of so many big names at brunch #4 and brought a warm environment to the day.

With regard to the organization:

A great advantage to the event is knowing how to adapt and evolve each and every event.
If something was wrong the first time, a second one was already rectified. Lots of queues in one day, a few bathrooms, and the next Sunday that was no longer a problem. We liked the feeling of being listened to and respected. I enjoyed seeing them being reactive.

I liked the chill out zones to relax and like dozens of stands with everything that concerns Goodies.
My favorite stand? The one with the sunglasses. All my friends got a couple.

The icing on the cake was the fact that there was a direct transport from Brunch to After-party for just  1.50€.

Vitor Silveira

Vitor Silveira – Artist Director

Oh, I almost forgot, but it seems to me something important: Every line-up, or almost, we present a female artist. I found a very sensible little detail from the Artistic Director, Vitor Silveira
, who throughout this edition proposed a diverse, powerful and coherent line-up. Restoration of a product that is a quality DJ producer that can be found as Ramboiage.

The negatives?

A negative aspect, was the fact that we could purchase tickets at a reduced priced through an ambassador. However, this wasn’t made clear by the organization and so it would be pleasant to have a little more transparency here.

The appearance of the police in the middle of the season the door. I imagine that a particular situation was in action, but it allowed for the atmosphere and Roots that Brunch offers to be lost a little.
In any case, I recommend +++ the Brunch to anyone who is near the capital during next year’s season. They are a quality events with great quality artists alike. Until next year or better: Until the evening with a special edition Halloween Brunch

This was the opinion of Christophe.

We would like to thank Christophe for the time given to us, Brunch for the amazing event that helps Portugal to further establish itself as a Dance Music force and all of those who partied with us every Sunday.

See you soon Brunchers!

Written By: T.Domingas Ferreira

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