“Be part of this fascinating new adventure and discover a magnificent new world”, was once the edition of Tomorrowland 2018 announced the theme, “The Story of Planaxis“. The dates were scheduled for 20 to 22 and 27 to 29 July 2018.

After the successful theme Amicorum Spectaculum, Tomorrowland bet this year, on a subject related to an aquatic/marine world. Planaxis is a genus of small sea snails, characteristic of a coiled shell, representing the logo of the fibonacci sequence. Waiting are the many fans, to find references to creatures and gods of mythology and marine maps that allude to the era of the great navigations.

The festival will once again take place in Boom, in Belgium, and in two weekends again.
Pre-registration for the purchase of tickets takes place on 9 January day to day 2 of February 2018. To buy the Global Journey package, which includes travelling and/or accommodation plus tickets, will take place on January 20 and therefore the registration closes the day before. Global tickets sales will take place on 3 of February, day following the closure of the pre-registration. For more information check the Web site of Tomorrowland.

Written by: Daniel Monteiro

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