It’s impressive the huge career that the German DJ/Producer Paul Van Dyk was able to build during 26 years (1991 – Present), in which, in addition to have produced great albums like Out There And Back, the acclaimed Reflections, In Between and Evolution, he added many kilometers on tour, making him one of the most traveled artists, surpassing names like Bob Dylan, Metallica, Rolling Stones, Muse, among many others.

Last year, Paul Van Dyk had the worst moment of his life, the fall in “A State Of Trance 750” (in Utrecht), where he was seriously injured. After a few months of recovery, the artist started thinking about singles and even a possible album, and it was at this moment that we were sure that something big was on the way.

October 20, 2017 was a great day for the legendary Paul Van Dyk and especially for all trance fans! The German artist, who is one of the pioneers of the genre, has just released his eighth album From Then On, which consists of 14 excellent themes, by the label Vandit Records (label of Paul Van Dyk). The last 4 singles released: “Everyone Needs Love” with Ronal Van Gelderen, Gaelan and Eric Lumiere, “Touched By Heaven”, “Stronger Together” with the talented young Pierre Pienaar and “I Am Alive” (1st song to be produced after the tragic accident), are also part of this CD. In a more orchestral and instrumental record, two songs emerge: the wonderful composition “While You Were Gone”, with pianist Vincent Corver, and “Safe Heaven”. The remaining tracks are collaborations with artists associated with Vandit Records, which includes the following songs: the brilliant “Inhale” with M.I.K.E. Push and Fred Baker, the captivating “Breaking Down” with Alex MORPH, “Vortex” with James Cottle, “The Code” with Jordan Suckley, the melodic “From Then On” with Leroy Moreno, “Close Call” with Tristan D (reminds “Do you Dream” by Markus Schulz) and the thunderous “Fairytales” with Steve Allen (who was previously associated with this label under the stage name “Allen & Envy”).

With the release of this album, Paul Van Dyk wants to transmit the extreme importance that life has, even more after having had a near-death experience. The CD is full of euphoric sounds with uplifting trance of high quality, which even recalls the glorious times of trance in the late 90’s and early millennium. Paul Van Dyk remains Paul Van Dyk, nothing has changed!

Written by: Jorge Azevedo

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