First of all, we are confused just as much as you are.

From now on, Djs are not allowed to play on turntables and/on CDJs at this berlin nightclub called Liquid Sky Berlin because they don’t “represent ordinary DJ culture”.

The club made the announcement via their website saying:

“This is NOT because we disrespect DJs. It’s because we are not just another Berlin nightclub. We support other formats / unique styles / different thinking / alternative tastes and emerging uses of both newer and older technology.”

This mean that anyone who plays on Nintendo Game Boys, shortwave radios or even tape players are invited to play at this venue. Otherwise, you’re just not allowed to play there… It’s a rather weird measure, but this does mean more space four creative DJing. Maybe we will see synths, launchpads and all sorts of gear popping up and giving for a unique experience. What are your thoughts?

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