Before de end of the year, the duo War Force announced through their social networks the release of their first album.

In 2016, Warface and E-Force decided to join forces in this duo that has crushed the stages with the Raw style. After a year and a half, War Force will release the first album.
There is no information on the title of the album or the number of tracks, but we can say that it will be released at the Shockerz 2017 event on December 16th.

But if you think that’s all, you’re wrong. A copy of the album will be given to all event visitors at the end of it.
Recently Shockerz moved the venue of the Maaspoorthal event to Autotron, increasing its capacity.

Tickets for Shockerz 2017 are available through the official website.

Written by: Paulo Veiga

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