Stoltenhoff is back to release under Baring Family!

Stoltenhoff is a 27 years old Danish prodigy, started producing around 2010, and started playing at parties of his friends later he was invited to play in Denmark’s nightclubs, hence he started his career. About a year and a half ago Barong Family invited him to make an EP, which was called “Hood Up” and the main track also with the same name, is composed of 4 tracks as is usual in the EP’s of Barong Family.

In 2017 Stoltenhoff is back with another Barong Family EP called “The Prodigy” which also consists of 4 tracks, which was released on October 13 on Soundcloud and Barong Family YouTube, Stoltenhoff has also made successful Remixes.

Barong Family was the label who most bet on Stoltenhoff, since he had done some work for other labels. Barong Family is known for betting on young producers with great potential. Gaining a lot of fame by bringing many of these talented producers and same have even claimed a strong brand name for themselves in the electronic music industry. For example Cesqeaux, Mike Cervello and Wiwek among others.

His first EP “Hood Up” had a good reception by the fans, they accepted the new Barong Family member very well, songs such as “Hood Up” and “Kush Cologne” were the most successful, played often in sets of Yellow Claw and Mike Cervello. This second EP by the Barong Family will have a collaboration with Cesqeaux, previews have been released in Soundcloud Barong Family.

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