Sander Van Doorn is a very well respected artist in the electronic music industry, with more than 10 years of career and some hight quality themes, which is the case of the following classics: the mythical “Koko”, the progressive house of “Drink To Get Drunk”, “Riff” , among many others.
This producer was quite influential during the rise phase of electronic music, not only as Sander Van Doorn but also as Purple Haze, which is the stage name of the second project of this artist. In the last few years, Sander Van Doorn has mostly bet on the progressive and electro house genres, and now, with the revival of Purple Haze, the dutch producer returns to the origins, to the genres that catapulted him to success.

After 6 years since the release of the last album “Eleve11” as Sander Van Doorn, the dutch DJ/Producer decided to release a new album “SPECTRVM“, this time as Purple Haze (project that also gained life again after 6 years).
The album consists in 13 songs and features a fusion of various musical genres, such as trance, techno, electro and progressive house. The “Neiloj” and “Contrast” sounds, which were released as singles (before the album’s release) along with “Phaedra” and the “Roundabout” remix, make the listener feel in a completely energetic and underground environment. The songs “Plum“, “Out Here” and “Prysm (Eyes Wide Open)” have a lower rhythm than the rest of the album due to their extremely melodic compositions, with very low bass. The song “Fall In“, produced with James New, presents a progressive sound accompanied by the acoustic of the viola, what makes this theme a little more commercial.
The great collaboration of this album and, consecutively, one of the tracks that deserves more prominence, is the theme “Light Me Up” (with Aaron Bonus and Justin Grammella), which features a captivating trance melody and fantastic breaks around the glourious voice. The remaining songs: “SPECTRVM“, “Kill Kitten“, “Choir 1.0” (one of the singles) and “Historia” are thunderous themes, which are part of the best that progressive trance presents at the moment.

The long awaited “SPECTRVM” album was released on October 9th by label Doorn Records (which is the label of Sander Van Doorn). Purple Haze has come back stronger than ever with a serie of euphoric melodies that can conquer thousands of new fans around the world!

Written by: Jorge Azevedo

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