After a season full of festivals, the month of November brings to Hardstyle fans “Qlimax: Temple of Light“. This festival is recognized for its investment in the show and for the darker performances by the djs.

Even without any confirmation of artists, the festival was already sold out, as we are used to year after year. The event will be held at Gelredome on November 18th . This year’s theme took shape, creating big expectation among the public, when the festival’s anthem was played on the Endshow of the Q-Dance stage in Mysteryland 2017. This anthem is produced this year by Dj Wildstylez.

As announced by the organization, the line-up would be revealed step by step these days. Fortunately for us, the wait is over. Through a video on its official Facebook page, Qlimax revealed the names that complete this year’s line-up. We can confirm it in the list below:

  • TNT aka Technoboy & Tuneboy;
  • D-Block & S-te-Fan
  • Wildstylez
  • Da Tweekaz
  • Noisecontrollers & Atmozfears
  • Frequencerz
  • Sub Zero Project
  • Gunz For Hire
  • N-Vitral
  • Mc Villain

With the release of the new album on September 12th, it’s expected that some of D-Block & S-te-Fan‘s new productions will be eard on the show this year.

Back to the stage of Qlimax is the TNT duo, composed by Tuneboy and Technoboy. In 2010 they played Qlimax for the first time as a duo, and later they played individually. The return of the pair to the event can bring great memories of the past and lead new memories. On the other hand, Da Tweekaz will perform for the first time in this edition. They are known for more cheerful songs and energetic sets but this year they have proved to everyone that they are also able to produce rawstyle.

The success of the song ‘DRKNSS‘, which they did together with the duo Sub Zero Project, gave them the possibility of being able to perform in this year’s edition. After announcing the new concept “Stealth Mode“, Frequencerz are announced in this year’s edition. The duo is known for its ‘Euphorical Rawstyle.

Over the past year we have witnessed the growth of the duo Sub Zero Project and their tracks are played in every event. After ‘The Project‘ and ‘Ready For This‘, on November 18th we hope to hear what the duo brings to the future.

If there are djs that perfectly fit the theme of Qlimax it’s Gunz For Hire, the pair composed by Ran-D and Adaro. In 2011 they produced the anthem ‘Immortal‘ and this year we can count on a great performance of the dutch duo, that has as a brand image the masks of the movie ‘The Purge‘.

Noisecontrollers and Atmozfears appear in this year’s edition with a b2b. A special performance, after Noisecontrollers begin their own label ‘Spirit of Hardstyle’, of which Atmozfears is part. Wildstylez emerges as the headliner this year. Being a frequent presence almost every year, this year was the DJ to produce the festival’s anthem. His collaboration with the returned HeadHunterz and Noisecontrollers is one of the most anticipated moments of the evening.

N-Vitral will surely be the last artist of the night. Being one of the best in the world of Hardcore with his productions, in Qlimax we can expect something powerful and unforgettable.

Written By: Paulo Veiga

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