Diplo’s parody account is back. During the last days the twitter account, @_diplo_, shared some cases that prove the use of bots by some DJ’s. Although the popular Instagress service ended in April, DJs continue to find a way around the system.

The most serious case is that of the young, Slushii. The bot used by the DJ and producer commented in the instagram a publication of a user who said goodbye to the death of a very close friend with two emojis of “fire”, instead of showing condolences. For this bot, Diplo had no mercy. It reads “DJs: if youre trash enough to run an instagram comment bot on your account can you at least make sure it doesnt comment on RIP posts?”.

In another tweet who was humiliated in public square was that of the helmet. Diplo found a “fav” (equivalent to like) of Marshmello in a rather caricate tweet. A social network user wrote “ayo Marshmello like this if u agree that mexicans should be kicked out of the country” to which the bot reacted.

The latest revelation was that of Jauz for liking super random posts also on twitter.

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