On October 1st, at KOKO (London), another edition of the DMC World DJ Championships was held. This annual competition is organized by Disco Mix Club (DMC) since 1985 and essentially evaluates the mixing capacity and the scratch technique (introduced by DJ Cheese in 1986) of all competitors.

In this 32nd edition, Japanese DJ Rena, just at the age of 12 years old, became the champion of the DMC World DJ Championships, replacing A-Trak – who won this competition in 1997 at the age of 15 – for the record of “The youngest world champion”.

The performance of the Japanese, during the 6 minutes, was marked by the excellent creativity on the decks and by the demonstration of some advanced scratch techniques, distinguishing this performance from the rest. DJ Rena was awarded a spectacular jacket and a golden vinyl delivered by DJ Craze (the only one who has been a world champion 3 times in a row).

The remaining podium places were occupied by French DJ Skillz (2nd place) and new zealander DJ Spell (3rd place).

Written by: Jorge Azvedo

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