This is the final chapter of a “narrative” that started in Kölsch’s childhood with “1977”, going through “1983” and finally ending in his “early teens” with “1989” as he said. These times were remembered by him as “Grayness”, “gray feelings, gray weather, and my own gray face”. In a time where his family was going through rough decisions, he escaped into the world of music where he could actually find some “color”.

Kölsch promissed, that he would bring the melodic techno back again to the scene, and this final chapter is no exception. You can feel the journey behind every note.

I will not go through all of the tracks as I used to, instead I’ll stand out some of them, and give you a general feel of the album.

The first track that stands out to me is “In Bottles” feat. Aurora. Catchy vocals going along with a melody that goes on and on along the entire track, backed up with some strings in the breakdown.

Next one, and a bit of a surprise, “Grey”, that was launched in an EP before, takes a bit of a rework, where as before it sounded more like a “trumpet”, now it has like a mix with a flute, giving us a vintage feel.

Push… Oh man, what a ride it is, been listening this one since he played it at Awakenings! Way more agressive than the other tracks, with some acid (?) synth arpeggios, horns, that kind of “white noise” percursion that goes on and on, setting the rhythm. The best thing is, when the breakdown comes he sets up the ballance of the track with some orchestral elements, transforming the track, and setting up the 2nd part of it perfectly.

After this we have 2 transitioning tracks “Gris” which sounds like ambient techno, and  “14” with a downtempo ambient, where I can find some similarities with Aphex Twin and John Hopkins productions with that piano and percursion, good stuff!

Brunch Electronik Lisbon, I was there when he played “Liath”, and I totally fell in love. I think it’s one of those tunes that you can see clearly, it is a future classic. That breakdown with the violin is just… Ah, I’ll just let you hear this one by yourself. Stunning.

The album ends with “Goodbye” pretty obvious for a tittle hahah? Nice tune to end the album, where you can identify a lot of the vibe that is in the 3 albums.

Favorite Tracks
  • In Bottles
  • 14
  • Liath
Least Favorite Tracks
  • Seria
7.5Overall Score

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