Code Red is back to releasing House music after a short spell of releasing Techy based sounds, and what a comeback this is from young Italian trio SOVTH, which features an edit by Code Red boss Marcus Schössow.

After an astonishing starts to their career SOVTH released a three track EP, featuring two originals and one edit, after releasing under mega labels such as Protocol Recordings, Mixmash Deep and Sosumi Records they have joined Code Red.

The first track of the three is “Boriquas” a track with a lively middle east vibe, dazzling drums and brass instruments before vocals kick in to transport us into what was a “trance moment”, were we want to get up and dance. Next up is Marcus Schösshow edit of “Boriquas” which manage to captures the same elements while bringing it slightly more to live, surely one to be played in the best clubs around the world.

The last track is “Sovereign” and our favorite out of the three, kicking up the pace in relation to the previous two tracks, once again with a lively brass bass elements and what we can describe as a dreamy break, bringing vocals into the mix, taking us to somewhere else, somewhere where we like to be, listen to this one with the best headphones you can find.

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