There are little producers & DJs who can say they revolutionized techno as much as Kölsch did in the last few years, with the believe that techno could be melodic he set out to change it all.

The Danish producer & DJ found in Kompakt Records a place to call home, releasing ground breaking and genre-defying EPs, Singles and LPs such as “1977” featuring tracks like “Loreley“, “Opa“, “Oma” and “Goldfisch“. Later releasing “1983” yet another timeless album, amongst the highly acclaimed albums Kölsch also released groundbreaking remixes, such as “Hell To The Liars” by London Grammar and Singles of the like of “Grey”, “Dogma 1 & 2″, “All that Matters” and many more.

2017 comes around, and almost at it’s close Kölsch intends to make one last impact by releasing highly acclaimed album “1989″ Featuring tracks such as “In Bottles”, “Grey” and “Liath” the album is a clear journey from start to end, allowing us to be transported to something else, somewhere else.

An album tour was also announced with nearly 20 dates announced up until now.

Listen to the album below on Spotify and be on the look out for the full album review soon:

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