On August 4 and 5, we were in Leiria, more precisely at the Municipal Stadium, for another edition of Dancefloor. A festival that surprised us positively, but it had, in our opinion, its ups and downs. Sounding names made up this year’s poster, with Hardstyle being featured. Headhunterz and Coone, Kryder, MAKJ, KURA, Yves V and Djeff Afrozilla, among others, made to move 3000 people to the turf of Magalhães Pessoa.

It was a fairly well organized event but, in our view, did not have the expected size. In a local newspaper, it was said to expect 20,000 people present, but clearly that was not the case. We are not sure how many ravers there were, but using the football field as a measurement, we would say that it was a “large area” of the stadium. However, do not be fooled. They were few, but very good. It was a great rave.

The space is perfect for an event of the caliber indicated. The stage was of very good quality, with excellent visuals and giant screens where you could see images “on point” of the public and the DJ, and the system of bracelets implemented by the the festival paid off, as entry and exit could be made at any time without any problem.

In terms of sound, much controversy. Everything was “fine-tuned”, in our view, on the first day. However, on the second day the volume was lowered, which, to the more attentive ears, caused uprising. The reasons for the incident were clear: the sound on the first day was very loud and as such raised complaints from the popular to the City Hall, which issued a statement apologizing to the locals for the “noise”, and made the necessary arrangements. At our look, or, in this case, listen, this was a point that greatly undermined the festival.

As for the artists themselves, there was a lot of quality on the poster and this was well proven. Here are those who, for us, were the 3 best of the festival, in what electronic music is about. The names are all from the first day.

3 – MAKJ: The DJ and producer, as you would expect, delighted the audience with the variety of genres that the good character, accompanied by excellent visuals of giraffes and very funny things.

2 – Headhunterz: The Dutchman caused a real earthquake in Leiria. His return to Hardstyle, well creased, produced a set with higher BPM’s and incredible energy.

1 – Kryder: The British started the hostilities in what the headliners are concerned, and it was incredible. A set in the image of the owner of Cartel and Sosumi Records, full of Groove, which marked the fall of Friday night. It was impossible for people to keep quiet.

And you? Did you also go to Leiria Dancefloor? Tell us your opinion in the comments.


Tomás Matos

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