The fourth edition of Forte festival is right around the corner and it’s taking place inside the Montemor-o-Velho Castle in Portugal on the 24th, 25th and 26th of this month.
Here’s our top 5 artists you can’t miss:

Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills is an american DJ, record producer and composer. Mills is a founder of Underground Resistance and helped build the artist and label with his partners “Mad” Mike Banks and Robert “Noise” Hood before moving to New York in 1992 to pursue his solo and DJ. We can’t find words to discribe Mills’ discography:  it includes two full-length volumes of “Waveform Tansmissions” for Tresor, a live album for the british label “React” and several collaborations with Robert Hood. Back to 2000, Mills create a memorable soundtrack for Fritz Lang’s film “Metropolis”.
As you can see, he is definitely one of the biggest american names in techno who will perform on the second day of the festival.


Zak Khutoretsky aka ‘Devious 1’ is also an american DJ and techno producer. Usually touring all over the world, DVS1 is a resident DJ of Berlin’s lengendary Berghain / Panorama Bar and he continues to shape the electronic scene in his hometown Minneapolis by throwing illegal warehouse parties.
His first release came out in 2009, on Ben Klock’s label “Klockworks” and up to date, he has 8 official vinyl releases and over two dozen remixing credits under his name.
We have no doubt that DVS1 is a unique character of today’s contemporary electronic music scene who will also play on the second day of the festival.

Oscar Mulero

This spanish DJ began his career at the end of the 80’s in Madrid. It has been bursting and long lasting as the development of dance music.
He is the kind of DJ that takes in new trends and kept his finger on electronic music scene.
Oscar is an absolute spanish phenomenon who will also play on the second day of the festival and we must always take into account his work behind the decks from the end of the 80’s right up to date.

Ellen Allien

Ellen is german music producer who has carved out her own space on the electronic music scene.
As time goes by, Ellen build a global reputation as DJ and producer and lauched her label BPitch Control in 1999 in Berlin. Her first album “Stadkind” was released in 2001 and it was dedicated to the city of Berlin because this city is one of the main inspirations for her music.
She’s one the DJ’s that are shaping the electronic music culture all over the world and you definitely can not miss her on the last day of the festival.

Dasha Rush

The russian-born DJ and live performer Dasha Rush is an artist who likes to push the boundaries of contemporary dance music to the limit and encourages experimentation with music and media like her recente audiovisual project called “Antarctic Takt” which was premiered at Atonal festival in 2014.
She recently launched an album called “Sleepstep” which was consider as dubby but intense, brutal but tender, foggy yet clear. As you can see it is such an amazing album full of contradictions.
Dasha will perform on the last day of the festival as well.

There’s a lot more artists that are attending this festival who could have been highlighted as well and if you need more information about Forte Festival, here’s their website.

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