1989, out on September 22nd, will be the final chapter of an iconic album trilogy from the Danish.

What began with 1977 (the year of his birth), where Kölsch explored memories and influences from his early childhood, was continued in 1983, where the artist took us on a journey through his experiences when he travelled through Europe at the age of six.
Now, in 1989, Kölsch approaches a more troubled time of his life.

He explains:

“With 1989, we have arrived in my early teens, a difficult time in my life, where I mostly just remember the greyness of it all – grey feelings, grey weather and my own grey face. I would escape that grey world on my skateboard, listen to my Walkman as I explored the city around me. Music became my savior – the only way to overcome my family’s hard times. I found a soundtrack to my grey life, and suddenly there was color.”

The last album of the trilogy focuses on the moments passed by the Danish when he was 12 years-old.
With his parents divorcing, the young man takes refuge in music to overcome these difficult times. That’s why throughout the album several tracks are called “grey” in different languages.

Out on September 22nd under the Kompakt stamp, you can pre-order the limited edition of the album and listen to its preview here.

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