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Rezz’s “Mass Manipulation”, the tittle comes in a way to alert the way society is manipulated in their everyday life, and as you listen to the tracks, the feeling it gives you, is that it kind of wants to corrupt that.
By this stage, you’ve seen a lot of content in the internet about this amazing talent and work, so I’ll get straight to the music!

Relax – It all starts out with an intriguing videoclip on mau5trap,that  immediatly caught my attention. I mean, those vocals could easily be in a horror movie. The song is amazing as well, mixes some kind of techno bassline with some acid sounds that just sets up the whole “album” or “Ep” (whatever you wanna call it), to be very promising.

Diluted Brains – The dark sound is all over the place! The intro comes with some “bells” progressing again to the bassline that will enter with the beat. As for the second part of the song, there was an element that kind of completely changes the drop, making it a bit more fresh.

Premonition – Now I know where the inspiration comes from… Gesaffelstein! Yep, do you feel it? I mean, that structure, bassline and pitched up vocals just doesn’t fail! Those chords setting the melody on the background, makes me remember of the track “Breathe” from The Prodigy. Also kind of feeling the style of Mykkas on the second part of the track. Everything is well put together, super uplifting tune.

DRUGS! – Well, to be honest this one makes me feel as “drugged” as the other ones, for me the tittle doesn’t quite suit in that way… Synthetizer going strong, slowly entering a percursion, that begins another thrilling dark melody… BANG, the beat enters and you just want to dance to it. The percursion and the bassline on this track makes me remember of the collab between deadmau5 feat. Shotty Hottoh – Are you not Afraid, yes this is a very good thing. Dope!

LIVID – The “Scream”, brings another drama to the track, where you can find a lot of similarities with Gesaffestein.

Green Gusher – Something a bit different… I love this track, there are some elements which in my opinion makes it stand out from the other tracks till this stage on the album, and my fav one is: The “scratch” thing… On the drop, just makes it pop out!

Synesthesia – Following up “Green Gusher”, the variety continues with this one, a bit more melodic.

Ascension – A mix of Madeon and Gesaffelstein,that’s the way I see this one. But don’t get me wrong, it isn’t copying nothing at all, it is just amazingly put together, great collab, maybe my favourite track of this project, together with Green Gusher.

So, I think it all comes up by the way you see it… For me as an album, it just doesn’t quite make it, there’s not the flow and the variety that you need for, to make an album. However, if you see it with different eyes, for example, like an EP, it is astonighing, and production-wise is top notch.

Don’t Forget, this is a female talent of 22 years old, and she has already delivered something like this… Well done Rezz, bring that female power on to the scene!!

Favorite Tracks
  • Green Gusher
  • Ascencion
Least Favorite Tracks
  • Diluted Brains
7Overall Score

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