In the past 29th of June, the Pomarelhos village, in northern Portugal’s Vila Real, hosted the 8th edition of Free Emotions festival.

Contradicting last year’s edition, this small festival in Vila Real had a foreign headliner: the British DJ and Producer Corey James, who was, as expected, the highlight of the night. However, the Portuguese DJs were very good as well, from Tiago Montes and Cigma, to Miss Sheila.

When we arrived there, we immediately noticed the stage. Very well designed. We thought that, because there was a festival in a small and remote village, the scene would be poorer. We were wrong. Both stage and arena were very accurate, and the ticket and entrance system as well. It was very well organized. Also, due to the remote location of the party, there was a bus responsible to transport ravers from Vila Real to Pomarelhos and vice versa.

Something to really highlight is the pyro. A really good job was made. During Corey James’s act, and especially during Vila Real’s own DJ duo Cigma, the stage was literally on fire. There were moments where the fireworks were synchronized with the beat, showing some top-notch organization.

The festival, despite its quality, has two things to improve in the next editions:

1: the LED’s visuals were very amateur. In Corey James’ set, for instance, there were pictures of him being projected above him like a PowerPoint presentation. That was bad to the presentation, because the stage lights were very good. In second place, and most importantly, the festival’s affluence.

2: The festival’s affluence. It was a great festival, but its remote location requires bigger promotion services. The show’s quality was suitable for a much bigger crowd.

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