Tomorrowland is a planetary-scale event that draws hundreds of thousands of fans every year to the city of Boom, Belgium, for a unique experience with the best DJs in the world.
In addition to these attendees, thousands of people around the world watch the festival through the livestream that gives us a bit of Tomorrowland’s unique experience.
And for some years now Tomorrowland has decided to create special events in various parts of the planet where it is possible for fans to come together and watch the broadcast on a giant screen with a stage made according to the festival’s quality standards.

Unfortunately, a sad incident occurred at one of these events yesterday.
At UNITE with Tomorrowland in Barcelona, Spain, the stage caught fire due to a technical malfunction and the whole event had to be canceled.

Thanks to the swift and effective intervention of the security teams, all 22.000 spectators were evacuated without suffering any injuries and are now awaiting answers to this incident.
Together with the Spanish UNITE organizers, the authorities are already investigating what happened, so more details are expected to be announced soon.

In the video below you can see the stage being consumed by the fire.

In the Facebook page, the organization has already expressed itself on what happened, being available to provide more info.

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