The ‘Praia do Relógio’ at Figueira da Foz was once again on July 7, 8 and 9, reserved for a new edition of RFM Somnii, ‘the greatest sunset ever’. Although the weather was not the most pleasant, the ravers had 3 days of pure happiness.

Like previous editions, the line-up presented appealed to kids and adults alike. Confirmations of giants like Armin van Buuren and ‘the father’ Tiesto, along Blasterjaxx, Kura and the explosive Brennan Heart, attracted over 100,000 people, in the three days, to the sand castle.

On the sand was also space for rest. RFM Somnii surprised and this year welcomed the dance lovers  in the campsites of the zone and in a sector of beach destined also for this purpose, offering the respective services of transport between the places that worked with regularity and normality.

Effectively, as to the organization of the festival little or nothing there is to point out. The disastrous 2015 edition that forced waiting periods over 3 hours served as a warning and since then all STAFF has been reinforced. The waiting time in the review by the security guards and in the verification of the tickets was quite short, just like in any service offered within the enclosure. In fact, security enhanced and spread throughout the area has kept all the hustle and bustle characteristic of these perfectly controlled environments.

Expectations regarding the stage quickly fell to the ground. Quite akin to that of the 2016 edition was uniquely different in the layout of the LEDs, which made the overview simple but quite pleasant. In fact, all the distribution on the premises was quite equivalent to the edition of the previous year: the VIP bench located on the right side, the sand area for the rest of the festival and the catering area, bathrooms and medical aid in the background, Which is confirmed very intelligent so that the movement of people is more fluid. Of novelty were the radical attractions ‘slides’ and ‘abseiling’, located at a considerable distance from the stage and from the left (from the sea) to obstruct as little as possible the view of the stage.

Ironically, those who were most harmed were the holders of the VIP ticket. Although the area has been widened and space has been provided in the sand, the layout of the space remains a factor to reconsider. The fact that this same zone is raised at the same height of the stage significantly reduces the field of vision which implies some discomfort and a cluster of people next to the grids.

The opinion is unanimous and the biggest annoyance concerns the preservation of the ticket during the three days of festival. The rise in the price of the ticket seemed to mean for many the adoption of the system by access bracelet which, again, did not occur.

Wide Future also leaves a very positive note for the fulfillment of the stipulated schedules although the oscillations in the volume of the sound between some sets have been exaggerated.

See you next year.

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