The last day of June and the first of July marked the 10th edition of EDP Beach Party presented by Nova Era. This year big things were expected for the celebration of the festival’s decade and, even though the weather did not collaborate, the beastly headliners did their part.

Last year, we highlighted the amazing variety of music displayed on the line-up and this year Nova Era stepped up yet another notch with the inclusion of Techno, more specifically Carlos Manaça and Miss Sheila. The addition of Techno to the already present big room, progressive house, trap and other styles proves that Nova Era is aware of the recent growth of the genre in the mainstream dance scene. Also, the confirmation of names that would never be expected in Portugal – Mat Zo, Dante Klein – earns the Northern radio extra points.

Not so positive was the all aboard service. Last year’s buses and drivers were fairly criticized and in 2017 the situation got even worse. The transports were regular buses that ravers had to share with people who, most of the times, just stated their hate on festivals and youth. On the other hand, Nova Era had a brand new partnership with Cabify that gave its audience a viable way to leave the area for a nice price with a hefty discount. Cabify proves to be a success like the already traditional partnerships with several restaurants and the one with CP – Comboios Portugal.

We finally got to the festival site and just as we entered it, good changes were noticeable as the restauration area had been remodelled, resulting in better space organization with tables and seats, something new to the festival. That wasn’t it for new stuff as, like promised by Luís Montez there were new small attractions. One in particular, the Eristoff stand, was hardly criticized by the ravers who expressed their dissatisfaction about the high pitched from that same stand, often causing confusion with the acts from the stage.

That same stage was a topic of disagreement between festival-goers. While it is definitely still a world-class stage with amazing visuals and lasers, the consensus is that it is a step back when compared to the 2016 stage as it looked quite smaller and less sophisticated. One glaring flaw that the fans noticed was the difference in the volume of the sound. Never in any of the previous editions had the sound been so low. The sound was only at its usual state in the headlining acts and a party isn’t made solely by the headliners. The difference from the Matisse & Sadko’s gig to Martin Garrix’s was appalling.

On to the absolute worst of this festival, the security teams. Simply put, they were horrendous. Starting the festival everything seemed to be fine despite some security guards’ empathy, they even had dogs for the first time. However, with the growth of the lines, the problems started and they simply didn’t end during day 1. The doors were closed for almost two hours (!!). A large number of people had to watch Moksi from the outside part of the venue, absolutely inadmissible. When the doors re-opened, no one was checked for drugs or weapons, something that could have resulted in serious (and maybe fatal) problems, the security team simply got out of the way and let everyone in without even checking tickets or bracelets. The lines for the bracelets were endless and the stands where one would trade the ticket for the bracelet closed midway through the night. A big number of people only had their bracelet on the second day of the festival. It was a total mess that Nova Era does not want to repeat in the following editions. The second day was calmer and more organized regarding these subjects.

On a final note, Wide Future would like to congratulate the medical teams for their splendid, on the spot work with everybody in need. Also, for the first time in several years, the set times were absolutely flawless, something to keep in mind for the future.

It, certainly, wasn’t the perfect event but it serves as a learning experience for the following editions of one of Portugal’s best dance music parties.

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