The city of Las Vegas is known for the game, her eccentricity and especially for the nights that will never be forgotten. And who will never forget the damage of the city of millions are the owners of table 103 of the Electric Daisy Carnival VIP area, that took place on the 16th, 17th and 18th of June.

The prices defined by the festival organization are causing a furor on the internet. The invoice found in the amount of 56,867.57 dollars – the equivalent to approximately 50 thousand euros – surprised everyone. Doing the math, each Redbull cost $10 (8,80 €) as well as each bottle of water ‘Smart Water’. About the alcohol, a bottle of ‘Don Julio 1942’ tequila cost $1125 (€ 990.07) and the Magnum version the double. The table 103 also consumed 3 vodkas ‘Belvedere Magnum’ for 3432,24 €.

You can see below the receipt.

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