The place chosen for the party was the Pedra da Tapada da Ajuda amphitheater, again, and featured performances by Nick Curly, Animal Trainer, Analodjica, Nox, Pixel82 and The Slum Vagabunds.

The tickets were sold out, and the headliners included the Swiss duo Animal Trainer, who performed in Portugal for the first time, in addition to German DJ Nick Curly, well known to the Portuguese public and one of the most cherished artists by FUSE fans. And of course, local artists, the talented Nox, the duo The Slum Vagabunds and the fascinating Analodjica spreading magic in the lands of Lisbon were also present. Another of the great novelties was the presence of Pixel82, the Porto native Filipe Galante, a recent member of FUSE Records, with a long experience as a DJ and also producer joined the party.

For a long time organizing electronic music events of different styles and always with the concern to find the perfect harmony between music and the environment, thus providing unique experiences, the sixth anniversary is marked by the launch of the first EP.
With the release of the first EP by the Hungarian Collective Machine and with remixes of Nox and The Slum Vagabunds comes the promise of each month to release a new EP so that next year release the first vinyl record. This work is being welcomed out there, since world electronics colossi such as Marco Carola, Ritchie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati have already played on the dance floors.

FUSE has already brought the artists to Romania and Switzerland, thus fulfilling its internationalization plan. This year the performances extend to stages in Luxembourg, Paris, Budapest, Turin and Ibiza with the goal of reinforcing Portugal’s image as a paradise for electronic music.

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