The Portuguese duo played at Melhores do Ano by Radio Nova Era and we had a little chat with them. We talked about their preparation for the championships, their gigs and their experiences. Enjoy!

WF: Whats up Wide Future crew. We’re here with Beatbombers and, before starting, I would like to congratulate you both for your victory in the world championship.
I’ll start there. What is like to raise the colours of our country and represent Portugal at this level?

Stereossauro: It’s a struggle, a long process, and then you come to an end and it turns out to be a relief. During that process you’re not even worried about representing your country but then when you’re doing it and happens… Ok, you feel like you were really representing our flag. But this is when you stop and realize that we have really won that, because during that moment, during the process you’re too focused.

DJ Ride: To me it’s personal and, of course as a duo, as a crew, as a collective, and there it is, thinking that there is Portugal against France, against Brazil, against Japan…

Stereossauro: Of course, that takes the competition to another level!

DJ Ride: But yes, it’s something you just feel later, not during the performance.

WF: What you do in these championships is a completely different thing from what you did here today, but how do you adapt scratch to the type of performance you had today?

DJ Ride: It depends, sometimes we also do the routines on big stages, but today as we had only 10 minutes, and as we are aware that a lot of this audience is from a very low age… And perhaps a lot of people saw us for the first time, maybe they have already seen us perform individually, but as Beatbombers was the first time.
So we went on something more party, more aggressive, and we’ve done scratch as well but I think it’s a matter of context. Here it was only 10 minutes, maybe somewhere else we do our routines or we open with the routine mas it depends on venue to venue. We always include new stuff, there’s no place we go where we don’t play our own productions or a bit of the routine, or scratch, we always do.

WF: You, thanks to the style you are in, and to all the competitions in which you participate go to various places in the world. So far, what’s the one that marked you the most? Your favorite?

Stereossauro: For me it’s Poland, because we’ve already been victorious twice, and besides that we’ve been there 5 or 6 times, so… it was where we got the win, it will always be special.

DJ Ride: For me… I’ve been at Redbull Thre3style in Japan, and it’s an amazing place for electronic music, for gadget people, anime, comic books, for nerdy people… But yes, Poland and Japan, no doubt.
Ah, and New York, we’ve been in New York but it wasn’t so special because of the the performance, it was different. Poland was very special because we’ve won twice and it gave us the record. New York was quickly.

WF: The taste of victory is good, of course. Are you connected to Portugal?

Stereossauro: It’s not a coincidence that many bands come here and say “You have an incredible audience”, and not only does our geography allow us to have amazing places to play, but then it also fills people. For example, here in Porto when they like, they really like!

Dj Ride: Yeah, and when we’re goint to perform, it’s funny because even when we perform alone people ask for him [Stereossauro]. That’s amazing. And when it’s something like a world championship, even if it was a an European championship or a national people are quite excited. There have already been people who told me they were as excited as if they were watching football, and for me that’s one of the best compliments they can do!
Because for many people it’s indifferent, many people give more value to EDM or Big Room, but there’s also a lot of public that thanks to us started to know more about scratch, and also thanks to the growing of Hip Hop lately. Scratch and turntablism come from the Hip Hop culture, the band culture and then that causes more and more people to become interested. That’s amazing and it’s something that let us really happy, like if we had the mission accomplished. Almost accomplished, because we still have a lot to do.

Stereossauro: Scratch ends up being something generalist but turntablism, which is what we really practice, has all kind of mixture techniques with new digital tools. Scratch ends up being as well one of the details we also do.
It’s much more comprehensive, and when the public notices we do much more than that. We do remixes in real time, and mashups, always working on something.

WF: So picking up this conversation topic, can you summarize what is like in your competitions? The categories, etc.

DJ Ride: Basically, there are 3 championships at the moment: there is Redbull Thre3style, which is something more clubbing like, there is DMC which is the oldest competition, with more history, and there is IDA which is an independent production… It’s like FIFA and UEFA.
All of them are important. Some have more buzz than others but all are important. In IDA you can use controllers, MPCs, more mix tables… DMC has more rules. Thre3style has 15-minute sets, it’s more clubbing, so you can scratch but what matters most is the set itself. For example in DMC there are categories like in IDA where you have 2 minutes to scratch. But in the end there are championships for everything, each one has its own rules and we adapt ourselves to each of them.

WF: What is certain is that we are the best in the world and we count on you to win again. With you guys, Beatbombers.

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