During our visit to Melhores do Ano by Radio Nova Era we catched up with Drum and Bass DJ Oder, where we talked about various topics from the Drum and Bass culture, to his career, to playing on vinyl and much more, check it out!

Wide Future (WF):  Even though DnB has been growing in Portugal recently, it remains a more underground style. How can you make a living in such an underground style?

Oder: That’s a good question. Actually, in Portugal, in electronic music, DnB is a more bastard style, less considered, less talked about, less played on the radio but still, I live from this and I consider it a style of music that always has some impact in every night because it’s a fun genre that makes people dance. And getting people to dance is my goal, to dance and have a good time with friends and even have a few drinks and do whatever they want. My main goal is to create a party atmosphere and for me DnB is the best style for it.

WF: Clearly you’ve managed to create that atmosphere. Something that is noticeable in the interviews you give is that you have a special bond with the vinyl. Do you think the vinyl record is more genuine?

Oder: Nowadays I do not worry about this genuineness that much, but when I started it was the basis. Things are seen differently nowadays. When I started what I was interested in was to see what was behind, the influences of each one, how the songs were made, the brands that were used, the culture that was around at the moment. But the vinyl comes from way back because I started in hip hop and the format comes from past times and I like it better and I think it’s more visual too, it’s not so hidden behind controllers or buttons. Even if it is digital, there is a needle that lifts, there is a movement that has to be done and for me it retains a lot from the origins of a DJ. Nowadays 95% of the DJs play with a pen in a controller or in a CDJ, I like vinyl and I like the culture and I have a certain feeling for everything that comes from the past.

WF: You have to stay true to yourself, right?

Oder: *Laughter* Exactly, that’s it, that’s it.

WF: You being Portuguese and DnB being what it is here, you have a very rich international resume. You have music released on Dim Mak and you’ve had your songs played by one of the big names of the music industry, Jay Z. How do you feel about that? Is it a motivating factor?

Oder: It was something that motivated me and something that enables me to talk to you and be at this event. It was something that at the time motivated me to continue because music is always something that you never know very well what you are dealing with. The market in Portugal is a small market and even the electronic music market is not very big. Especially as, like you correctly said, it is a niche in the market that only some people understand but I am here to open the genre to more people. I try to incorporate other styles in my sets, maybe something that is being more played now and at the same time go get something that is completely underground. This is my job and my vision. But back to the initial question, no doubt that was something that motivated me a lot.

WF: Having said that, the question I’m going to ask you will certainly be answered in a positive way. Do you think that in Portugal, DnB has room to grow?

Oder: Of course it has room to grow! It’s still a rather small style but I think it has everything to grow and I always thought that. That’s why I do not play another musical style, I continue to play 98% of DnB in my sets, alternating with a trap song or something, but I continue to root for the movement and do my part, either through my radio-show, either in the studio or even playing live so I try to pull it around as much as possible. I have already produced events in Porto several years ago, with UKF which is a great platform, we also did events here in Porto and even went to Lisbon, platforms that were helping to catapult the DnB in Europe and the world and I’m still here to do my work.

WF: Keep on doing, DnB is growing and so are you!

Oder: Thank you, it was a pleasure to be here, thank you!

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There is something special about Dance Music, you can't explain it, just feel it. Dance Music is more than just music, Dance Music is a culture a movement. One that I respect deeply and love to understand be a part of. Started Wide Future in 2014 because of the love I have for every single genre of Dance Music, Techno, House, Drum, Big Room, Trap, Trance, etc.

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