Portugal has become very well known for its big festival season lately, with more festivals than most European countries and with diverse musical styles and artists throughout.

Festival Forte is a electronic music and arte festival located in center of the country, most precisely in Montemor-O-Velho, right in the city’s ancient fortress, as the name suggest, which dates back to 1088.

A techno festival with names such as Jeff Mills, Medusa’s Bed, Amulador, T. Raumschmiere, Danny Daze  or Lydia Lunch, with many more joining the already announced and there’s more to be announced! This festival stands apart from the more commercial festivals much known for wider audiences and goes as far as to keep its ticket sales limited, in a promise to deliver a more intimate experience, allowing the artists to enjoy the 3 days of festival in the middle of the action, right between their fans.

Forte also announced Jaygo Bloom and Olga Studios will be responsible for the visuals across the three days, the festival in a press release said:

“Prepare to be seduced by darkly beautiful, restless visuals, immersive audiovisual performance and large-scale generative artworks in one of the most spectacular locations in the world. Enter a 360-degree festival experience, spiraling and spinning out of control, where boundaries between performance and audience coincide and explode.”

The event is set to happen on August 24th – 26th and the general admission tickets sell for 100€ for the 3 day experience, on the usual online retailers.

More info and the complete lineup on the official website!

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