Kura played at Melhores do Ano by Radio Nova Era and we had a little chat with one of the most widely recognized DJs, we chatted about his experience at Miami Music Week, future objectives, label and much more, enjoy!


WF: You just came from Miami Music Week, you’ve been with Revealed Records all this time. It must has been a learning week, what did you learn from this?

Kura: It was a positive week because I ended up performing in more events than last year. The parties where I played were parties where you rarely see someone unknown from the public. Important figures of the industry, important people, they select artists that, in this case Spinnin’ and Revealed think they are hyped, and people want to see them.

Being in one of that lineups is already a huge pride, then you see yourself in a party and there is Tiesto, there is Hardwell, there is Guetta and then it becomes normal. If someone told me this a few years ago I wouldn’t believe. But this is the environment and it’s all smooth, open air, good vibe. I played at 2 Spinnin’ parties, one Revealed, another from KSHMR in partnership with DJ Mag, and even in Las Vegas at Marquee, one of LA’s best-known nightclubs.

At that time, especially in Miami, there’s many people, a lot of Portuguese fans, latins, many people who never heard of you and it’s a good opportunity to spread our music as much as possible.

WF: You mentioned Portuguese people, in fact you’re known as “A pride of this nation” like i said previously, you already performed at Tomorrowland last year, which is such a great stage, you just came from Miami Music Week… Do you feel the responsibility of carrying a nation on your back?

Kura: Not necessarily, my only responsibility is always not to embarrass those who follow me, and trying to give my best. I’m always doing edits, new stuff, I always prepare my sets even shortly before going onstage.

I don’t feel that weight, because I don’t attach this importance to myself, I can’t attach it. I’m a DJ like any other trying to build a career, we have other DJs doing a good job, which is not easy. Our country doesn’t have electronic music roots, it doesn’t have those references that can catapult you like in Netherlands or United States, a market growing much faster than ours. It’s more complicated here, perhaps some young people who are starting out assign this responsibility to me, but no, or else I would be going nervous to the venues, but I’m glad people see me this way.

WF: Many of our readers think this is perhaps the right time to release a label, what do you think?

Kura: In a conversation with my manager, José, and my label managers at Spinnin’, we are debating whether this is something that I should do at the moment, and we think there is much more that I need to achieve before I doing it. It takes many things, it takes a designer, manager, a headhunter (talent seeker), I need to have content. If I release a track each month maybe is too much, people get tired, it loses that special touch and my career suffers with it.

I have to have a structured team, a full vision of what I want to do, and I still have a much greater margin of progression, I’m still learning, I’m not a top-notch DJ, we are working on it, but only when I feel comfortable and stable. Also to support young people, imagine you are a talent and you release on my label, without a good platform to support you I’m not doing anything for you, that’s not beneficial for anyone. Many labels are created on this basis and when it happens it will probably be done with our partners at Spinnin’.

Right now I have to wait, I have not even made an album yet, it’s something I still have to do. I’m exploring new sonorities, I have to feel pleasure and motivation to make things happen. Maybe next year, who knows… But I want to, yes!

WF: Obviously you are taking your career step by step, what is your next goal?

Kura: I don’t have just one, but I have several goals: have 3 or 4 tracks on Top 10, have a more commercial music that covers a larger audience, have an increasingly international profile, to be able to collaborate with artists I like and always liked. This year I collaborated with Laidback Luke, one of my idols. It’s a bit surreal, at the time I didn’t even think about it.

Then I have other goals: playing at Ultra mainstage, Tomorrowland, EDC, to do a US tour by myself, not in nightclubs but renting venues… It spins around it.

Making video clips a little more cinematic, different concepts, but then you’re also a bit limited by the means you have, it’s not up to me to make the investment, it’s up to me, the publisher, the editor, the manager, and there are many steps to take. And you have hierarchy, sometimes our listeners don’t realize that these steps exist. I have my goals set, but I don’t work because of that, I’m here to having fun and whatever happens will happen, but I won’t falter in my job, I love to produce, I love to perform, I love what I do!

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