If in the previous year many criticized the shortage of releases by Size Records, this year already are rare those who maintain the same opinion. The legendary Steve Angello seems to be back, this time with new works of his own. In a 30 seconds video, where it is not possible to extract information, the producer reveals what is expected to be the name of his new album. “S-A | Almost Human” is how the video posted on the official Facebook page of the Swedish producer.

With its entirely new label, and with the aim of launching again the prestigious Size Records to the top of electronic music, Steve Angello has been launching works by several artists. CYA, Corey James, DOD, and Still Young are the artists who have so far completed the publisher’s release chart in 2017. The precious musical original remains one of the publisher’s mottos, and this was revealed in the works that were Released lately.

To remember on April 14, Steve Angello will be present at the huge Coachella festival.


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