That’s right, this should be the world return day! What a lineup of comebacks that A State Of Trance (ASOT) presented us in the last day of Ultra Music Festival. With a line up with artists like: Aly & Fila, Vini Vici, Gouryella aka Ferry Corsten and even Armin Van Buuren himself, we were already building up to an epic lineup, but then everything just goes next level, when we saw these names joining the line up as well:

Alpha 9 aka Arty
Purple Haze aka Sander van Doorn
NWYR aka W&W

Starting off with Arty, Alpha 9 is na alias that he started in 2009-2010, where he released tracks like Bliss and Come Home on Ferry Corsten’s label, Flashover Recordings. Alpha 9 was known for the deep trancy sounds that they brought with catchy melodies, with some balearic trance influence as well, that everyone loved.
So… how did it go? Well, amazingly I would say! After releasing “The Night Is Ours” on Armada, and “Only Good Mistake” with Koven on Anjunabeats , the hype was already high. The set started with an ID from his Alpha 9 (there was 4 ID’s in the whole set) alias, that sounds like a combination of vintage Arty style with the catchy deep melodies from Alpha 9, really good start! Followed by 2 Pryda tracks, the track “Only Good Mistake” came with those catchy vocals introducing the next ID. This track flows perfectly well, with that main melody that you can hear in every single beat that keeps growing in your head. The tune that follows up is an amazing mashup from his alias as well, combining “Plylith” from Andrew Bayer with “How To Build a Home” from The Cinematic Orchestra. Throughout the set he dropped a mashup with his new tune “The Night Is Ours” and we could hear some classics as well as some of his old stuff. Then, at the min. 54 of his set, there’s the tune that really caught our attention, and man… “Goosebumps from head to toe” as Armin would say, what a tune! That piano on the breakdown is just magical stuff, we can’t wait for it to be out. The progressive trance scene will continue healthy with this guys. If you were nervous Arty, then right now you should be proud, because that is what I call a journey, bravo!

Next up, is a big guy in the scene for many years, that needs no introduction, Mr. Sander van Doorn with his alias Purple Haze. This man never ceases to amaze me with how versatile he can be. Purple Haze 3, started 7 years ago when he released 2 tracks on Spinnin Records: “Bliksem” and “Hymn 2.0” where Sander explored his darker side and let it grow into the track. Well, what can we say from this set? IDs, IDs everywhere! A total of 9 IDs, what could you as for more?
The intro track is an ID that sounds like it came out straight from Blade Runner with that “voyager” 80’s kind of vibe that Solarstone and Orkidea also worked with. “Neiloj” was the 2nd one, that was already premiered during ASOT 804, and in this one you can really hear the old school Sander coming to life, mixing that darker breakdown with a catchy melody, combining it all together in that percussion and vibe of a techno track that makes the ambience grow. Another tune comes and another ID, this one in the middle of the set its so dark, it has the vibe trance had in the 90’s. Coming together with the stunning vocals of Cassandra Fox “Touch Me”, this ID is possibly my favourite from the set, I still have in my mind from the day I heard it on the live stream, what a catchy tune, having a similar sound to this one “The Return” by 8, Wonders,, but with a lower bpm, one of my all time favourite classic trance tunes. The journey goes on and you can start to feel how glorious Sander van Doorn was in older years, what a pace that he was carrying! The last 2 IDs were dropped together, one mashed up with “Big Picture” from the amazing London Grammar (this one sounding more progressive) and the last one with a techy vibe that I miss so much in trance, as Armin said “We need more of that”. Overall a set for the books for sure, and we can not wait for Sander to bring all of hist stuff out as soon as possible.

Now for the last “surprise” alias of the day: NWYR. Coming from W&W these guys need no introduction as well, after stepping out of the trance scene as well, they quickly rised up in the Big Room scene, showing their production skills constructing hit after hit.

Spoiler alert: What a set! This one fulled with IDs as well in a total of 13 IDs! Surprise surprise, they wont be released, but they will be out for FREE Download? I mean, why do you need Christmas, when you have gifts like this? Every track is good, even though 2 or 3 of them are not far away from what they have been doing lately with the “Big Room” sound. Besides that, everything is stunning, fresh and in some way innovative. Everyone was blown away when that tune came in the min. 11, with those mau5 chords building that astonishing breakdown. Following up a tune with that “Orjan Nilsen” vibe, possibly a collab with Armin van Buuren. That amount of ID’s is so ridiculous that it would be impossible for me to describe them in such small amount of words. It was ridiculous how much Styles they put in their tracks, big room, progressive, the old W&W trance sound, anjunabeats style, deadmau5 chords, cosmic gate influence, Orjan Nilsen, Eric Prydz, tech-trance, even a track that will make you feel like you were in a church!

This is definitely my favourite set of the event, so fresh and still make it sound as trancy as any other thing, bringing back memories and seeing the smiles of Willem and Wart playing to the crowd that helped them grow in this industry.

In the end, this is na edition for the books, and the proof that Trance has never been gone, i tis here to blow everyone’s minds as long as you can let your emotions speak for yourself.

Vive la Trance!



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