Gonçalo Julião half of the prestigious Portuguese duo Club Banditz, has now announced his new alias CØDE.

It took around 6 months for the Portuguese DJ & Producer to prepare and create the rejuvenated identity, CØDE promises not to follow trends, not to follow genres, it promises to be his own identity, his own style, it promises to be himself looking to create and innovate the Dance Music industry one beat at a time. Gonçalo has been in the Industry for a long time, finding now the perfect timing to become himself, to distinguish from Club Banditz, dissociating this new project from well established duo thus creating his own identity.

CØDE is a blend of everything and nothing, it’s the result of various influences from Indie Pop, to Trap, to R&B, as Well as, Tech House, to House and other genres of Dance Music, one of the features that sets Gonçalo’s new alias apart is the live component, part of the plans are to release various singles in the coming months, one of which you can hear in exclusive below, featuring Canadian singer Royal.

Take a peek, listen to CØDE’s brand new track below:

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