Luis Montez owner and director of one of the most powerful festival promotores in Portugal, who has invested heavily in the last few years in the Portuguese Dance Music industry. Building an empire with his team at Musica no Coração, Mr. Montez has produced countless festivals some of which world renowned, various indie radios and above all give the Portuguese people and all of those who visited this amazing country a story to tell back home.

Check out our little conversation with the man himself ahead of the Melhores do Ano award show by Radio Nova Era this Saturday, 1st of April.

Wide Future: Musica no Coração (MnC) is probably one of the biggest national festival promoter in Portugal, how can you manage such a large monopoly of festivals, which make MnC an international reference.

Luis Montez: With a great team, a lot of organization, a lot of planning and choosing the best professionals and the best partners for the events. With a good organization and structure, many professionals can do many festivals.


WF: Still in relation to the festivals, why the strong investment in electronic music in the last few years?

LM: Because we do not do events for ourselves, we do for the public. And in addition to the fact that electronic music has grown enormously in the world, it does not have great transport or production costs, and allied with digital technology (video and sound), it manages to create an industry of emotions thanks to the environment / atmosphere which is created in the event itself.


WF: In your response you mentioned the production and also the environment that is created around the event. Since the stage is one of the key pieces in a party / festival environment, will there be news about the stage of the “Melhores do Ano” event?

LM: Yes it will be, we will debut a new video technology, which DECIBEL will demonstrate and for us it is a privilege since, DECIBEL is our partner of sound, light and video, will take advantage of this event to showcase its new Equipment and therefore, there will be something new to introduce.


WF: MnC is involved in a number of festivals, including MEO Sudoeste, Super Bock Super Rock, Nova Era events, and since they all have an electronic component, our team, will try to follow all of them and so we can only thank for your availability for this mini interview.

LM: Okay, I’ll see you at all of them

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