In 2014, DC Breaks revealed that the album they had been working on since 2011 was taking shape and that it would land very soon. The years passed by and we never heard anything about this album again.

But the wait is finally over! The new album called “Different Breed” will be launched on April 3 on RAM BMG. It’s a 15 track album deep in many ways say the british duo. This album has gone through a lot of work: to many versions and works in progress, but thankfully it’s finally here. They’re already working on a deluxe package that will include a lot of resources for fans and producers and also they’re looking forward for their next album! For now, let’s settle down and not get ahead ourselves.

About the album, they said “I think if we had time to be relieved we would be! We’re currently very busy putting the finishing touches to a Deluxe version of the album which will be available on a limited-edition full artwork USB stick and include a sample pack of sounds and synth presets used on the album, bonus tracks, acapellas and lots of other goodies. Basically we want to give back a bit to our fans a bit because things have been delayed and delayed and delayed (completely out of our hands!) so we’re pulling out all the stops to do something a bit different and a bit special with that.”



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