Sound Waves has closed this year’s edition lineup with Marco Bailey.

The event will occur at the Ancoradouro Garden, Esmoriz Beach on the 29th of July, this will be the 3rd year the event is running and this years Grooves Productions – event promotores – promised the best lineup yet and that they delivered.

With an already class lineup, Sound Waves locked in the Belgian DJ, Marco Bailey. Marco is somewhat considered an icon when it comes to techno and the dance music industry as a whole. It starts with a beat, and for Marco that as in the late 80’s. In 2014 he celebrated 25 years of Marco Bailey, a true achievement for someone who is an ambassador for the scene as well as an amazing DJ and producer.

At an early age Bailey would play for small fees or even for free in local clubs, later he discovered house and techno, self taught how to produce and released his tracks under small labels, it wasn’t until the new millennial when his break finally happened, he released his first EP on Carl Cox’s Intec imprint with “Play It Back”, followed by huge releases such as release of his critically acclaimed “Rube Boy” album back in 2004, soon followed by “Dragon Man” LP on John Digweed’s Bedrock in 2011 and in 2002 he released his own imprint MB Elektronics becoming considered one of the top labels in the business with over 150 releases all from huge names in the industry.

Now Marco Bailey will join us in sunny Portugal for Sound Waves, alongside him the likes of Carlos ManaçaDeborah de Luca, Fauvrelle, Miss Sheila, Nuno Clam, Rafa Barrios, Roberto Capuano and Spartaque will also be featured in this year’s party,

If you can’t wait until the summer to enjoy Marco Bailey’s pure magic, tune in into his Mixmag LAB mix below.

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