Welcome back to another edition of Spotlight. This time around we will pick up where we left off, highlighting the career of yet another artist with Portuguese roots that just made the world talk. This week, the Spotlight is on the Grammy winner, RAC.

The successful life of André Allen Anjos would start in the “Cidade Invicta”. The future artist was born and raised in Oporto. While growing up, the “Nortenho” studied piano and guitar, instruments that are certainly noticeable in his tracks. André would continue his studies on the land of the free, as he later moved to Greenville, Illinois, USA.

It was in Greenville that the RAC project was born. Founded by Aaron Jasinski, the Netherlands-based Chris Crookram Angelovski and Anjos himself in January 2007, the Remix Artist Collective would later add two more members, Andrew Maury and Karl King. Maury and Kling were close friends of the Portuguese and the three had an eletro-rock band called “The Pragmatic” which ended in 2010.

The group was tired of the remixes that were dominating the scene at the time so they decided to do something different. RAC decided to create something new as they approached remixing in a very different way, totally reinventing the tracks they were working with. Their first official work came in the form of a remix of The Shins’ “Sleeping Lessons”.

The group put on the work and in 2008 as they started to garner interest from several bands. 2008 would, indeed, be a big year for them as the website Stereogum released a collection of their work. The year would be capped off by their first EP “Sega vs Nintendo”. They would go on to work with a number of prestigious bands like Foster the People, Bloc Party and more.

A couple of years removed from this, in 2012, Anjos took over the project and went on, solo, even though his live acts are with a band. In that same year, in the summer, RAC (now only Anjos), released his first original, “Hollywood”. It was a huge a success as he would end up releasing his first album, “Strangers”, under Cherrytree/Interscope Records containing his first single “Hollywood”. The album was firstly released as two separate EP’s but in April 2014 the full-length album was launched.

An inspirational story which began in Portugal, that 200 remixes later in the dance, rock and electronica scenes is finally booming. Proof to this are the tenths of ads with RAC’s music from renowned companies like Hulu or Citigroup. In addition to this, RAC was also responsible for the soundtrack of HBO’s TV-Show Entourage.

After such an amazing evolution it is no wonder that André finds himself in stages like Coachella, Firefly, Bumbershoot, Corona Capital, Lollapallooza and Ultra Music Festival performing live acts with his band.

In 2016 his career would reach new heights as he was nominated for a Grammy for his remix of Odesza’s “Say my name”. The nomination was no fluke as in 2017, RAC would go back to famous award show and claim the Grammy for “Best Remix Recording” with his work on Bob Moses’ “Tearing Me Up”.

André’s career has certainly been remarkable, and it has been a joy to watch. His reputation keeps on growing and the Porto native never ceases to make his country proud, thus deserving all the Spotlight!

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