It was in 16th of January, Skrillex celebrated his 29th birthday, and decided to give away a new single to the fans. However, it was a much unexpected “gift”, because the single, called “Make War”, is a Rock, and not Electronic, music track, and it is not a solo release from him, but from a band he was part of, From First To Last.

The association of Sonny Moore with rock music is not a new thing. If you are a fan of the American artist since he released “Bangarang”, for instance, you may not know his past in music. In his teenage years, Sonny was a big punk rock fan, and he went to lots of shows of that musical genre. In 2004 he entered From First To Last, a Florida-based alternative rock band, being their guitar player. “Heroine”, the band’s second studio album, reached Billboard’s #25 in United States’ charts. Then, he went solo, releasing his first EP “Gypsyhook” in 2009, still under his real name alias.

The Skrillex we know today only began to be made in late 2009, when he started performing and producing under today’s artistic name, signed with Mau5trap and started touring with its boss, Deadmau5. From that time on, he gave us “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”, and the rest is history!

Now, and 10 years after his last collaboration with From First To Last, we have “Make War”. Sonny is the one who sings, was one of the ones who wrote the lyrics, and was a part of the song’s production process. The band created a new Instagram account (@fftlast) and the ½ of Jack Ü is listed as one of its members. Do you like this side of Skrillex and his new track? Tell us!

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