After all the requests by the fans, the Australian DJ and producer has been confirmed at RFM Somnii!!

After releasing hits such as Freaks, Psy or Die, Party Till We Die and more, Timmy Trumpet is ready to blow your mind with his performance at the second day of ‘the greattest sunset ever’!

Furthermore, this is his first time at Portugal, so the expectation are even higher with his confirmation, leaving fans in anticipation of a possible confirmation of Carnage, who collaborated with him on the latest hit ‘Psy Or Die’.

Are you as excited with this confirmation? Tell us your opinion!

A @carolinacamargorfm acabou de anunciar – @timmytrumpet dia 8 de Julho no @rfmsomnii ?#estaeatuapraia

Uma foto publicada por RFM (@rfmportugal) a

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