The week has barely begun but the duo Club Banditz has already left its mark in it “Double Release”. It was released today the lyric video of the song “My Type” and the new track “Fugitive”.

The song “My Type” now has lyric video available on YouTube. The work with the duo Digital Militia has received a lot of feedback and has already played on national radio stations.

“Fugitive” is what is called the new work from the Portuguese duo with the participation of Brazilian producer Vee Brondi and singer Matthew Steeper, who also gave voice to the beautiful track “Open Your Eyes”. The long-awaited track was finally released almost a year after it was first performed live, where it closed the event “Nova Era – Melhores do Ano”. The duo received tremendous feedback from both the fans and the DJs. It was supported by Nicky Romero on an episode of his radio show, Protocol Radio.

The talent of Club Banditz and Vee Brondi combines with progressive house and this track is the mirror of that. With a beautiful melody accompanied by a magnificent vocal work and culminating in a dizzying drop creating an absolute masterpiece. Without a doubt it will be one of the best progressive tracks of the year.

Listen here:

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