The young producers Corey James and Will K remain unstoppable. To start the year in a good way, they launched another new track called RIU. Corey and Will soon discovered the secret potion in the combination of their musical technique skills. Since then they have been launching fantastic works conquering more and more fans. “Tenpaku” and “Let Me See You” are the perfect examples of the work that the two have been developing over the past few months.

They are indicated by many as the young talent of progressive of the actuality, so it is expected that the productions are more and more listened and shared by the public. The new work “RIU” aroused the interest of dj/producer Max Vangeli which led to the release of the track on his label NoFace Records. The energetic hit and explosive drop promise to make a hit in the world of electronic music, so the track is expected to be played on various dance floors and festivals.

Listen here:

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