Throughout the years, the Dance Music scene has registered a huge evolution. The introduction of new sonorities in the production books have led to the forge of many artistic identities, which contribute for the arise and popularization of the new Dance Music sub-genres.

In 2016 we witnessed the rise of a new strand. After succeeding in Brazil, the Brazilian Bass emerged big time mostly because of the Brazilian DJ and producer, Alok. His solid performance in Tomorrowland Brazil’s main stage, his releases on Spinnin’ Records and Armada Music (Alok and Bruno Martini’s “Hear Me Now” and Alok and Liu’s “All I Want”), and the growth of the label he owns, Up Club Records, elevated the flag of this new trend, and made Alok, real name Alok Petrillo, the most heard Brazilian artist on Spotify in the last year, and the 25th place in the Dj Mag Top 100 Djs ranking.

In spite of the immediate association with Alok, this genre’s origins are not well known. This growing sensation mixes Techno and traditional Bass House with some minimalistic influences, in a tempo that goes around the 120 BPMs mark. Currently there are artists whose sound identity goes along with the Brazilian Bass concept. Names like Illusionize, Vinne, Liu, Cat Dealers, Sevenn and Dazzo may sound familiar if you’ve already heard this new style.

On the other hand, Brazilian Bass is not a bed of roses. Just like anything that’s new, this innovative type of bass house has been under some criticism. The “Brazilian Bass” name itself lifted some issues, especially from the trap and deep house communities. FTampa, the renowned Brazilian big room DJ and producer, called the action, telling the producers of the genre to watch out for the sampling of old sounds and vocals, because such use, if done illegally, could lead to serious copyright infringements.

However, and despite the small controversy, we all have to admit that it has grown a lot. In the past year, the style had a great ascension and in Brazil it has become a big sensation. Do you think that Brazilian Bass is here to stay? Will 2017 be a great year for this strand? Let’s wait to see! One thing’s for sure: if you never listened to it, you should definitely try it out.

This article was written by guest writer – Tomás Matos – Twitter 

Below you can find an example of Brazilian Bass, take a look and let us know what is your opinion about the genre, is it here to stay or is it another gimmick?

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