As first reported on the Denon DJ Facebook group and on Twitter by a DJTT reader, a brand new media player from Denon has appeared in leaked images online. The new media player is likely what the company meant last fall by their #ChangeYourRider campaign. With cue point buttons and a full screen with waveform display, this is the product Pioneer DJ might want to be scared of.

The Japanese brand is now set to launch a new player based on the design of some designs from already existing brands, since the announcement was made the internet has exploded with opinionated readers and tech fanatics, but one question seems to be common among them all: Will this be the company and product who finally rivals Pioneer and their success?

There is no price or launch date as of yet for the new piece of equipment, however the characteristics of this equipment have came to light and can be seen below.

Characteristics of DENON SC5000:
– 8 under-deck performance buttons – for tracks, loops, rollers, slicer
– Moving show (which seems to show album art!)
Built in sliding mode
– A loop encoder – with a “loop move” label beneath it. This could be a huge advantage over Pioneer’s limited loop motion functionality in CDJ / XDJs
– A large screen showing colorful waveforms, music section labels, beatgrid, track information, Camelot Wheel key data and more
– Censor / Reverter button
– Sync and Master functionality
– Adjustable pitch range as well as pitch bend buttons (a first in standalone players?)
– Beat Jump instead of Track Search
– Storage of tracks based on USB, SD and network link (USB and SD card appear to be loaded from front down the signaling buttons)

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