The act “Project One” consists of Headhunterz and Wildstylez, both big artists in the Hardstyle scene.

The first time the act appeared on-stage was at Defqon.1 2008, when they also presented their debut album Project One. The album is still considered to be The best album of all-time, with many classics like ‘Fantasy or Reality’, ‘The Art of Creation’, ‘Rate Reducer’ and ‘Life Beyond Earth’.

Project One has had a limited amount of gigs and the last took place in 2010, so many fans have been waiting more than six years for another gig. When people started talking about a possible return of the creators of which is considered the best Hardstyle album ever, the hype became real, also because of a possible affirmation of the return of Headhunterz. Considered by many one of the kings of Hardstyle, Headhunterz drifted away from the scene a while ago to explore new horizons.

He came back recently at Defqon.1 2016 where he played alongside of Technoboy and The Prophet but was still uncertain whether he was really back to the Hardstyle family. When Project One was really confirmed at Qlimax, the fans started to get enthusiastic, they knew that Hardstyle history was about to be made. And it was. They showed up and played many edits of their classics receiving a loud acclamation and with the people singing along all the songs. It was a memorable night to all the lovers of the electronic genre.

This article was written by guest writer: Xavier Anjos (Twitter)

Below you can see Qlimax 2016 after movie, where Project One are featured.

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