Site complications have forced organisers to take a year off, though they assure it’s not the end of their much-loved event.

T in The Park is one of the most beloved festivals in Scotland, it’s a key music festival for the country for the past 23 years, hosting various styles of music from Rock to Pop to Electronic Music. Due to complication with the grounds where the festival is being hosted DF Festivals and Tennents Lager’s have decided to take a one year break, with the objective of returning in the future.

According to a statement released on their oficial website today (25th of November) the issue started in 2015, when the festival was forced to move from Balado, Kinross to Strathallan Castle, describing this as a “mammoth of a task”, as the moved was compounded by a series of onerous site restrictions placed upon us as preparations for the event in 2015 took place.

The statement continues to read

“As the build up to the festival was well underway we were informed by Scottish Government Ministers that we would have to apply for full planning permission due to the presence of an unregistered, but protected in law, osprey’s nest. The constraints—logistically and financially—that the resulting planning conditions put upon us are simply not workable. We tried our best to work with the pressures placed upon the site by bringing in an additional team and fixing the first year traffic issues, but ultimately we’re not in control of the overall site layout and the continued restrictions means that the negative impact on our fans and the limitations placed on their experience is too great. We now need to take stock and take a year out to try to resolve the issues so that we can once again deliver the kind of camping festival you are used to and deserve.”

T in The Park best-known arena was The Slam tent, which has hosted names like Jeff Mills, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier and many others, the tent has been featured as part of the festival since 1997.

There is no word as of it, when will we see the return of T in The Park. This represents a major loss for the festival culture in Scotland.

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